In the Play-Doh Monster Smash Game, kids work together to smush all the Play-Doh monsters before the monsters reach the fridge on the game mat. For full review and shopping info ►

Product Info:
In the Play-Doh Monster Smash Game, kids get to mold monsters out of Play-Doh and then play a game with them. The game includes four cans of Play-Doh, a game mat, a flying spaceship mold, four smasher shoes, and instructions. Before you play, you’ll need to mold as many monsters as you can. The more monsters you make, the more challenging the game. Place one monster on each of the three flying saucer spaces at the beginning of each path. (Once a monster moves off this space, place a new monster there.) Then players take turns spinning the spinner on top of the spaceship mold and doing the action the spinner points to. If you land on red, green, blue, or yellow, move each monster to the next space of this color. If you land on a single smush, you get to use your smasher shoe to smush one monster. Double smush means you get to smush two monsters. If you smush all the monsters, you win. But, if three monsters reach the fridge and steal all your food, the monsters win, and you can play again.

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