The world is being invaded by alien reptiles and you must push them back to save the planet. Use your powerful guns in this 3D mobile game called Max Ammo. Select a level on the map and stat your mission. Unlike your any shooting game, you will need to move on each barricade to hide your character. Be sure to shoot quickly or you will get hit by the enemy’s lasers. The game features lots of weapons that you can tune up. You can customize and add your own perks or ability that will help you in battle. And if the alien reptiles are not enough, you can join in the tournament and compete with other players.

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Max Ammo is a challenging and action packed third person cover based shooter where you need to battle badass dinosaurs, the story goes that the humanoid dinosaurs have just invaded the earth and it will be up to you to save the planet from the alien species and save humanity for good, you need to take on the role of Max Ammo and you need to fight your way through hordes of enemies before it’s too late, it’s going to be a bloody shootout, and it’s going to be fun, you’ll be battling hundreds of enemies through hundreds of levels featuring an adrenaline pumping action packed gameplay, just don’t let your guard down though as the enemies are lurking in every corner of the levels, and if you’re not very careful, your character will die very quickly, there are a variety of cool and high tech weaponry available for you to use against the enemies, each on of them comes with their own upgrade to make them more powerful and effective against the alien invaders, it won’t be easy really as the enemies come in different types, and all of them pack their own set of weapons and behavior, some are fast and easy to kill while others are slow and very hard to put down, so are you up to the challenge?, do you have what it takes to save the planet from the alien invaders?, that’ll be up to you to find out here in Max Ammo.

Graphics and Sound

Max Ammo features some very pretty graphics and designs, it looks quite awesome, the characters in the game have very nice details, from the main character to the enemies, they really look great, environments too are quite cool, there is variety when it comes to designs and details too are quite high, you’ll certainly see some very nice structural designs in the game, colors are also great, the game really looks vivid and quite vibrant making it prettier even more, the animations are also cool, the character movement is smooth and quite fluid and the animation of the enemies and other moving parts are also very pretty, music and sound is great, the game soundtrack is quite cool to the ears while the sound effects are bombastic and quite varied, depending on the type of weaponry being used, the special effects are also great, the game has lots of pretty visuals and has very nice lighting effects, explosions also look quite pretty, overall, the game is quite beautiful with its nice details and awesome designs.


Max Ammo as mentioned earlier is a cover based third person shooter, there is no free movement here, and all you need to do is to swipe left or right to make your character move to the nearest cover, shooting is also quite easy, there’s no need to aim, just tap on the enemy and Max Ammo automatically shoots it, there are also a lot of levels in the game but all of them are pretty short though…but still pretty challenging overall.


Max Ammo has some very nice graphics and designs, it is a third person shooter, there are hundreds of levels available for you to play, lots of weapons and upgrades to acquire and lots of enemies to shoot, the game also uses simple tap and swipe controls to make it more fun for everyone to try.


Max Ammo is quite fun, I had a great time with it actually, but level of difficulty is only moderate, this would be too easy for hardcore players but would be great for the not so hardcore players…duh!

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