Perfect on levels 1-5, but once I maxed out my glinch meter, I stopped trying to collect all the Qorium.

Sorry about the poor frames and stuttering quality – I used OBS to record while I played, and my poor laptop struggled with doing both at the same time. The gameplay had poor frames for me while I was playing, but OBS made this video look just a little worse than what I was seeing. And similarly, sorry for the music glitch at 2:08:14 – the game does that sometimes, and it’s kind of annoying, especially since this one carried into an otherwise quiet cutscene.

Time codes:

Intro – 0:12

1-1 Arbo: Arbo Highlands – 3:02
1-2 Arbo: The Poisoned River – 30:44
1-3 Arbo: Gorm’s Volcano Lair – 50:32
1-4 Arbo: Higher Ground – 58:32

2-1 Dreejal Vin: The Sewers – 1:09:50
2-2 Dreejal Vin: Tunnel Inferno – 1:36:41
2-3 Dreejal Vin: Just Ice Rescue – 1:41:31
2-4 Dreejal Vin: Chase The Bot – 1:47:49

3-1 Kek: The Ramparts – 1:51:11
3-2 Kek: Aftermath – 2:05:24
3-3 Kek: Battle in the Vinculum – 2:17:20

Qorium collected:
1-1 – 450/450
1-2 – 350/350
1-4 – 120/120
2-1 – 500/500
2-2 – 199/200
2-4 – 53/180
3-1 – 92/420
3-2 – 22/180

I haven’t a clue where I missed one in level 2-2, but somehow I did. But since I reached 1000 overall in that level, I stopped taking the time to explore for Qorium and instead just played the levels. But if any of y’all can tell me which one I missed and where, that’d be awesome, because I’m stumped!

1:52:13, 2:06:30, 2:07:24, 2:07:38

Fun moments:
1:32:19, 1:50:06
1:59:19 (I’d never tried this before)

LEGO Galidor is honestly one of my favorite old games! The controls took a bit to figure out, since they are unique from any other game I’ve played. You can use the numpad to adjust the camera angle, which is incredibly helpful, and I use this all the time. The story was interesting enough that I went and watched the entire show eight or nine years ago. The show isn’t rated very highly, as the effects are low-budget and the story wasn’t intriguing enough to most people, but I liked it anyway. The story in the show is rather different from how it plays out in the game – the Gates of Galidor are actually hidden in Arbo (though not in the game anywhere, as far as I know).


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TheSkyrax 669

July 11, 2020

Wow, it looks like an early N64 game!



July 11, 2020

Oh my, the nostalgia on this one, I remember so clearly when you got the frog feet or whatever



July 11, 2020

I was stuck on the ice level ever since I got the game. Thanks to you know I know how to beat the level.


Melanie Lustenberger

July 11, 2020

Hello 🙂 wow thanks a lot for uploading this. I’ve been looking for this game for nearly 10 years now. I played it as a teenager and forgot about it for a while… finally found it again! 😀


between you and me, my name's irrelevant

July 11, 2020

Holy cow. Where in Dreejal freakin' Vin did you find this? I've been looking for a copy of this for the last fourteen years.


MyTMorty Gaming

July 11, 2020

Update – after playing the Qorium challenge and getting all 200 in 2-2, I watched this video again frame by frame – the missing Qorium can be seen for just a few frames at 1:37:16 at the bottom of the screen, just beneath the energy beam (behind the wall). It's directly behind the two before it, but you almost have to hit the wall to collect this one. This is number 18.


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