Have the best of both worlds with this amazing Inflatable Football Game Combo. You can try your skill at Kicking a field goal through our 22 ft giant Inflatable Football Game Combo goal posts. Or you can see what you got with trying to pass for a touchdown with our Inflatable Football Game Combo quarterback toss area. We provide the footballs and the kicking holder for you to speed up the pace on this hi energy Inflatable Football Game. This is a big attention getter and works at any event. The competition between your guest will heat up as they will try to see who has the best kicking leg and who can be the most accurate when throwing passes. The Inflatable Football Game is a huge hit at any high school or college pregame or parking lot tailgate party. We can also customize the artwork on the backdrops of the Inflatable Football Game to put your local high school team, college team, or Pro team artwork to customize your event. Also with Super Bowl 50 coming to the Bay Area (Santa Clara Levi Stadium) this year you can’t go wrong with this Inflatable Football Game Combo Sports Game. We offer our incredible Inflatable Football Combo game to the Entire San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, East Bay, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, and all over Northern California. Check out our video to see how this amazing Inflatable Football Game works.

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