Samsung Push Service:

Is the Samsung Push Service worth it? Many people are choosing to attempt to figure out how to remove this utility from their phone. You can simply temporarily opt-out of push notifications; you will need to opt-out each time you update Samsung Apps because it will install again each time. You can also freeze the app if you really want to stop it.
Uninstalling the Samsung Push Service will cause you to lose some notifications for certain apps. If you think this app is causing problems you may just need to refresh it and reinstall it or clear the cache and disable it all together. To uninstall Samsung Push Service go to Settings then Application Manager then All/Download list then Samsung Push Service. Now clear the cache and force stop.

If want to disable Samsung Push Service you have to follow these steps:
– Turn off all notifications by going to Settings, then choosing Apps, Show system apps and Samsung Push Service.
– Tap Notifications, and slide the toggle switch next to the ON setting to turn all notifications OFF.
– App notifications in the Samsung Push Service app settings
– In App Notifications, toggle the ON switch to OFF.
– On the Samsung Push Service entry in the app list again, then press either the Disable or Force Stop buttons at the top.

If you are on a Wi-Fi connection, you can disable Samsung Push Service run unless you’re on Wi-Fi.
– Tap Settings, then choose Connections, then Data Usage.
– Click on the Mobile data usage, and scroll down to the Samsung Push Service app and select it.
– Toggle the switch off for the setting Allow background data usage.
– Disable the setting to “Allow background data usage”.
When you update Samsung Appliations, it will reinstall Samsung Push Service without your knowledge. Then, you’ll need to go through the steps above again.


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