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Fisher-Price has re-imagined its iconic toy Corn Popper toy as a game. There are two ways to play: Race ‘n Chase or Bingo Pop. The Race ‘n Chase game uses the side of the gameboard with the red border around it. Each player selects a different color token and tries to be the first player to the finish. At each turn, press the corn popper until a ball lands in the center. Then move your token to the next circle of the same color. Land on “Pop Again” and get another turn. Land on “Oops” and go back to your last spot.

To play the Bingo Pop Game, reverse the game board and use two matching colored pieces as bingo cards. Take turns pressing the corn popper and use the tokens to fill your card with matching colors and shapes until a player’s card is complete.

The game comes with a mini corn popper, eight reversible board game pieces, 24 game tokens, four game token stands, and instructions. It is for two to four players.


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