Dragon Tamer Gameplay Android | Turn-based Strategy

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Welcome to the beta test of Dragon Tamer – a turn-based strategy battle game.
Are you ready to prove yourself a skillful Dragon Tamer in this mobile game? Collect, breed, feed, raise and train your dragons, form your own dragon team and compete with other Tamers from all over the world.
Come and join in our beta test!
– Build, expand and decorate your Dragon Island, making it a paradise for your dragons.
– Join a variety of events and quests, collect 300+ dragons and complete the Dragon Album.
– Breed new species, train your dragons and unlock their unique skills. See them growing under your good care.
– Form and change your dragon team at your turns, use your strategy to lead them to victory.
– Interact with other dragon tamers, participate in Alliance events, battle in the Arenas and rise to the top of the leaderboards.
Test Period: 17/12/2019 – to be determined
Platforms: Android (At least 2GB available space, Android 4.3 or later)
Your game data will be wiped when the test is completed.
In-app purchase is not available in this test.


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