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5 Reasons to Buy a Samsung NX1

Its a 4K shooting mirror less camera from Samsung and here are five good reasons why one should buy it. There are of course many cameras out there but this one is rather special. And if you ask me the only reason to buy its biggest competition the GH4 instead

Samsung NU7100 vs NU7400 mainstream UHD TV comparison

In this video, I am comparing two Samsung mainstream 2018 TVs from series 7 – NU7100 and NU7400. Which one is better for movies, which for HDR, which for gaming – check answers and more in this video. Unboxing of NU7100: Unboxing of NU7400: **************************** Additional info and links: ****************************

Thay bàn Phím Samsung NP300E4Z

– Bệnh Viện Laptop Hà Nội thay bàn phím Laptop Samsung BÀN PHÍM LAPTOP SAMSUNG NP300 Giá : 650,000 VNĐ Bảo hành: 6 Tháng Khuyến mãi: Miến phí thay thế tại thế giới số TLD HỆ THỐNG SỬA CHỮA LAPTOP TLD ĐÃ ĐƯỢC CHỨNG NHẬN THƯƠNG HIỆU SỐ HÀNG ĐẦU

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: Full Feature Tour

Introducing our latest laptop, the Notebook 9 Pen – it’s everything you can possibly expect. Log in with just a look or the touch of your finger. The S Pen, 360-degree hinge and ultra-light body will give you maximum flexibility, and the one-of-a-class RealView display can be viewed perfectly from