March 2020: During the coronavirus quarantine, what you can do at home? What parents can do with their children? Come to learn the Rubber band Skipping!

Beijing popular styles in 1970’s. This is slightly modified version for easy learning.
Included basic styles “The Six Step”,”The Seven Step”, double rope freestyle and single rope freestyle variation 1,2,3.
You may do your own combination for the freestyle singing along with your favorite song to the same rhythm!
Fun to play outdoor or indoor, with yourself, two persons or more, best for elementary or middle schoolers.
The more you play, the more skillful you can be, and the more fun you’d get, so give it a try, get your heart pumped, feet warmed up, singing and smiling!

You can get the elastic rope from any fabric store such as Jo-Ann.

Descriptions for levels:
(if you succeed to complete one, you move on to next level; if you fail, it’s other person’s turn. It’s like a game, who reaches the highest level first wins)

“The Six Step”:
Start from double under knees height, then single under knees height, double knees height, single knees height, thigh height and wrist width at thigh height (the most challenge level).

“The Seven Step”:
Start from closed double foot width at ankle height, then one feet apart width at ankle height, single feet width at ankle height, double foot apart width at ankle height and single feet width at under knee height.

Double rope freestyle:
Start from double knee height, then single knee height, double thigh height, single thigh height and wrist width at thigh height (the most challenge level).

Single rope freestyle:
Start from knee height or thigh height, then waist height, under arm height, shoulder height and top of head height, then over head height (allow hand help shown in demo to start).

Enjoy learning and playing!

Welcome your feedback! Welcome any comment or suggestion.


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