BUKHARO (Rules compiled by V. Patel)

Note: A group is a set of three or more cards of same value of all different suits or same suit or a sequence of three or more cards of one suit.

1. Ideally Bukharo should be played by four or six players as two teams. Odd number of players will play individually.

2. Create two teams, made up of alternate players.

3. Three packs of cards are required for up to seven players, four packs for eight and up players.

4. Dealer distributes thirteen cards, one card at a time, clockwise and played clockwise.

5. Dealing player rotation is also clockwise.

6. Dealer creates one extra set of thirteen cards during the dealing. This is called Bukharo pile, to be used by player who uses up his thirteen cards first.

7. All cards of value “2” are trumps.

8. At the start of a game, each team (or each player when odd numbered players) must create and open a passport, of four cards (minimum) sequence of a single suit. Trump cards cannot be used in the passport. The passport must be worth fifty points or more. If not, player must open additional Groups such that the total of the passport and Groups make up a minimum of fifty points. E.G. passport of 2, 3, 4 and 5 of hearts, plus set of three 10’s of mixed suits and a sequence of 2, 3 and 4 of spades. This combination is called fifty points passport.

9. Only one passport per team is necessary.

10. A passport can also be a sequence of seven cards without a joker even if it is less than fifty points.

11. Player can pick up the (entire) open pile to make a passport only if he can use the top card in current turn. No other card from the picked cards can be used to make the fifty points passport. Apart from the fifty points passport (one or more groups), no additional cards can be opened in this turn.

12. After the passport is opened, in the next turn, any number of Groups can be opened and any number of cards added to opened Groups. However, existing Groups cannot be rearranged.

13. During the rest of the game, each player must pick up a card from the blind pile, except when he picks up the entire open pile. One card must be discarded. He must use the top card (and no other card) from the pile picked up.

14. Both teams/players must try to create a sequence of seven cards as quickly as possible, using trump cards if necessary. The team/player that does not have a seven cards sequence when other team/player declares a Bukharo, gets all (its) points accumulated in opened Groups and cards in hand counted as losses. If the team/player has a passport on the table, only those cards in hand ar counted as loss.

15. A player can also add cards to other team’s Groups to increase the size. However, the cards are kept on player’s side separately and are counted as his points.

16. Once a trump is used in a Group, that trump cannot be moved or replaced.

17. A trump in hand can be used to increase size of own Group.

18. First player to open twelve cards on the table, must use the last card to close his game by placing that card down and declaring “Bukharo”. He then picks up the Bukharo pile. He can open these cards in the current turn.

19. The player who disposes of all thirteen (twelve plus one for closing) cards in the current turn earns extra 100 points.

20. All Group points are positive and all points in hand are negative.

21. When second Bukharo is declared, this Bukharo game is considered over and all the points of both teams are recorded.

22. The team that makes the second Bukharo earns additional 100 points.

23. All the points are counted to determine which team is the winner.

24. If time permits, the entire Bukharo game can start again as if it is played for the first time.

25. At the end of playing session, all the points of all games are added up to determine the overall winning team. Points Scoring Rules • Seven cards sequence without a trump is worth 150 points, with a trump, it is worth 100 points. • First player that finishes all cards in his hand earns extra 100 points. • Any set of seven cards is worth 300 points • All “A”s are worth 20 points • All “2”s are worth 20 points when used as jokers. • All “8”s, “9”s, “10”s, “jack”s, “queen”s, and “king”s are worth 10 points. • All “2”s, “3”s, “4”s, “5”s, “6”s, and “7”s are worth 5 points. Note, when a “2” is used as a two in a sequence and not as a joker, its value is five. Eg a 2, 3, 4, and a 5 of clubs.

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